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AirQuality Technology is a leading indoor air clean technology innovator and manufacturer in China, originated from Spain.

In 2011, Herver-9 S.L company established a joint venture in Shanghai, China to establish AirQuality Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in air purification related products. The mission of the company is to allow people to take deep breaths at anytime and anywhere. The vision is to become the leading company of intelligent air quality solution provider. In 2014, AirQuality received Tsing Capital and in 2016, it accepted Qiming Venture Capital Investment. With a total investment of US$15 million, the company has become one of the fastest growing companies in China’s air purification industry.

AirQuality Set up 5a 6,000-square-meter R&D center in Shanghai, China, focusing on air purification issues. The R&D Labs is to ensure all the products from AirQuality are safe, reliable and efficient. With the experienced engineer and technologies from Spain, Norway and others, dedicate product research and development. AirQuality has successively obtained the following authoritative certifications: UL, CE, ROHS, AFTL, UKAS, CNAS, CEP, CAS, IAF and so on. AirQuality has obtained more than 30 patents and has nearly 100 patents pending.

AirQuality products are related to air purification/sterilization, filtration, fume purification, and treatment of harmful gases. The product line includes: Central Air Purification System, Fan Coil Return Air Purifier, Air Conditioner Purifier, and Ceiling Air Purifier , fresh air purifiers, portable air purifiers/sterilizers, kitchen fume purifiers, smart air detectors, etc. Among them, IFD technology was first introduced to China by AirQuality and well promoted. Air-conditioner air purifier was first advocated and developed by AirQuality, which has been highly recognized by industry.

Company headquarters located in Shanghai, and has established offices in major cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xian, Shenyang and Taiyuan, and has developed a network of dealers covering major cities in the country. AirQuality have dozens of sales together with nearly 1,000 dealers provide customers with convenient sales, installation and after-sales services. Company also have overseas offices located in Spain, Norway, Malaysia and more, through the dealer network our products had established to the world.

AirQuality products are widely engaged in luxury residential buildings, corporate office buildings, luxury hotels, hospital schools, and municipal facilities. There are nearly 10,000 project cases in China. Well-known clients such as Beijing APEC Yanqi Lake Hotel, Hangzhou G20 Summit Xizi Hotel, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Stadium, Shanghai Disneyland and etc. AirQuality had business cooperated with top 100 real estate companies. Strategic customers include Wanda, Greenland, Evergrand, Vanke, China Merchants, China Resources, and Greentown. State Bureau of Environmental Protection, Meteorological Administration, Confucius Institute and other government agencies, Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza, Tomorrow Square, Grand Gateway Plaza, Beijing Qiaofu Fang Grassland and other commercial buildings, Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, Kempinski and other five-star hotels, Mercedes-Benz, Nestle , Volvo, L’Oreal and other multinational companies are also equipped with AirQuality’s air purification products.

AirQuality has been recognized as a high-tech and high-quality enterprise and has been the leading company in the air purification industry for many years. It has been voted as the best green technology investment case for two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016. In 2017, the famous host Lang Yongchun became an investor and spokesperson of AirQuality, spreading the idea of air-conditioning purification and ultimate effect to more users. AirQuality inherits the values of gratitude, excellence and innovation, and works tirelessly in smart air quality to provide domestic and foreign users with the ultimate quality air and bring health and happiness to people.



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