MESP Whole House Air Sterilizing Purification Solution

Purely air purification innovation.

MESP™ stands for Micro Electrostatic Sterilizing Purifier, a new generation air purification technology. High efficiently kill viruses and bacteria. High efficiently remove PM2.5, pollen, allergen and other particulate pollutants.

MESP™ Technology

Our advantage.

MESP™ Air Sterilizing Purifier is powerful and innovative product. It's high efficient without any harmful byproducts. They could work even around children, elders, and patients. We offer Portable Air Sterilizing Purifier for residential and Air Conditioning Sterilizing Purifier for commercial.
99.99%+ Viruses Killing

Higher Efficiency
Washable Filter


99.99% kill viruses, 99.96% kill bacteria & 99% purify PM2.5.

MESP™ technology is able to kill viruses, bacterias and other microorganisms with its strong electric field.

The comparison of mainstream air sterilization technology ▸

Washable filter.

The unique nano PP made filter is permanently washable and its overall lifespan could exceed 10 years. The total running cost should be much lower than traditional HEPA products.

Higher efficiency.

Differing from traditional media filters, the pressure drop is low with MESP™ filters because there is no need to force air through a matrix of small air passages. The high-strength electrical fields within each of the filter flutes are extremely effective at capturing and trapping airborne particles. The physics of this is entirely different from the mechanical process of traditional, high-mass media filters.


The MESP™ filter works with about one micro-ampere (one millionth of one ampere) of current at 6-10 kilovolts, which always prevent from electric shock and production of ozone.

Our product scope.
A real whole house air sterilizing purification solution.

We offer Portable Air Sterilizing Purifier for residential and other small spaces, and Air Conditioning Sterilizing Purifier for commercial usage.

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