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AirQuality History

By:AirQuality   Updated   Time:2016-05-16 15:59:08   UV
AirQuality History
AirQuality has been dedicated to electrostatic purification for 20 years

1996 Hever-9 Group was founded and electrostatic air purification business department was set up, possessing the brands AirQuality/Calidaddelaire
2011 Hever-9 established AirQuality Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd. with Super Merit Holdings Limited by joint venture
2011 Hever-9 set up its joint venture in Hong Kong, engaging in electrostatic air purification business of municipal projects
2012 Hever-9 founded Prax Factory in Wuxi by sole proprietorship, producing electronic components including power supply modules for air purifiers
2014 AirQuality Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd. increased its registered capital and set up the Air Purification R&D Center and Assembly Workshop in Shanghai
2014 Beijing Kedier Air Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was founded, engaging in the industrial purification business of brand Calidaddelaire under Hever-9
2015 AirQuality China launched all series micro-electrostatic intelligent purification products, ushering in the age of micro-electrostatic for China's purification industry