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Service Policy

With continuous increase of AirQuality businesses and continuous expansion of business scope,
it provides professional and technical differential high quality service for customers,
through professional and high quality hotline service.

AirQuality starts domestic unified 24h-service-hotline 4007-288-696,
to provide services such as consulting, repair and complaint of Airquality products.

It improves customer satisfaction, 
through polite words, professional answer, quick door-to-door service and timely settlement.

Air Quality Test
It conducts air quality test of installation environment.
It checks data to remind customers whether to clean and maintain products.

Installation Guidance
-Overall planning and design
 It mainly includes integration and planning based on customer demands
and diversified product characteristics such as equipment standard,
layout and design, surrounding equipment planning,.
-Providing real and valid cases as reference
-Providing telephone and field technical support for dealers
to finish medium-term equipment installation and later project acceptance

After-Sales Service
-Comprehensive technical service
-Quality guarantee
 Airquality promises free repair of the whole machine for a year
and provides lifelong paid repair service
-Provide perfect parts
 Provide reasonable quotation and delivery deadline for customers,
which shall be tested and checked by the quality department, before delivery,
to guarantee quality.
-Perfect operation manual and installation drawing

Cleaning Maintenance
A carefully designed maintenance scheme is the key whether the equipment can work efficiently for a long period.
Through the characteristic service of our preventive measures in maintenance and rapid emergency response,
we can guarantee that customers’ equipment operates normally all the time
and make the efficiency of equipment give full play.